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A power shortage
Winter 2011
Don Kopczynski ’91 first noticed the power industry’s newest problem around the year 2000. The vice president for Avista Corp. counted 100 engineers on his team. Looking ahead, he realized that half of them would be retiring simulta...
Categories: Engineering
Tags: Power engineers, Electrical engineering, Power transmission

Research gone wild: Engineering power in the Pacific Northwest, part II
Fall 2011
In 1946, the Washington State Legislature established Washington State College’s Institute of Technology. In a 1986 oral history, Eugene Greenfield, who directed the Institute’s Division of Industrial Research starting in 1958, explai...
Categories: Engineering, WSU history
Tags: Power transmission, Dams, Hydraulic, Electrical engineering

Current events—engineering power in the Pacific Northwest
Summer 2011
When electricity first came to Washington in September of 1885, just a few electric lights illuminated downtown Spokane. By the following March, Seattle had them, too. From those early days, Washington State College had a role in helpin...
Categories: WSU history, Engineering
Tags: Electricity, Electrical engineering, Dams, Power transmission

Blackouts: How often do we want them?
Winter 2003
Living in a subdivision where the power lines are strung on poles in our back alleys, we have had more than our usual share of power outages this summer. This has been blamed on the rapid expansion of the neighborhood squirrel population because o...
Categories: Engineering
Tags: Power transmission, Power grid, Blackouts