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Liz Siler ’78—Hungry to help
Spring 2015

Liz Siler and her family advocate and work for food banks in Pullman to help feed the hungry.

Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Food banks, Hunger, Philanthropy

Billions Served
Fall 2011

Seven billion people will soon become nine billion before the global population levels off. Can so many people be fed from a finite Earth? Yes, they can, say WSU researchers. But the solutions will necessarily be many.

Categories: Social work, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Population, Hunger, Wheat, International development

Students join Cyprus to tackle hunger
Fall 2002
On the morning of March 30, the United Nations Security Council held an emergency session at the UN building to discuss the crisis in the Middle East. At the same time, three floors down in Conference Room 4, I was giving a presentation on world h...
Categories: WSU students, Social work
Tags: Hunger