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Tree Top: Creating a fruit revolution
Fall 2010
Book reviewIn the September 10, 1951, issue of Life magazine is a picture of a bulldozer mounding apples in the Yakima dump. Seven acres of apples worth $6 million dollars rotted as pigs rooted through them, the result of failing foreign mark...
Categories: Business, Agriculture
Tags: Tree Top, Apples, Northwest history, Books

Booked: The Long Sentence of an Apprentice Reader
Summer 2010
What would it mean to refuse connectedness? Is it even possible?
Categories: Literature, English
Tags: Digital world, Reading, Technology, Books

Book burden
Winter 2006
It's not news to anyone that textbooks are among a student's biggest expenses. But some of us have figured ways around paying the high prices.This fall, I coaxed my freshman sister, Kaytee, into sharing her book for the human development class we ...
Categories: Campus life, WSU students
Tags: Books, College costs

Poor farm kid makes good
Spring 2004
Sherman Alexie likes to remind people that attending Washington State University presented him with a real challenge. As a Spokane Indian, a liberal, and a writer, he did not fit the prevalent mold of students attending WSU in the late 1980s and e...
Categories: Literature
Tags: Books, Authors

Classical Turkey
Fall 2003
Much of what we think of as ancient Greece lay in fact within the modern borders of Turkey.
Categories: History
Tags: Books, Turkey