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The Animal Mind Reader
Summer 2013

Beyond the notion that animals other than humans may indeed possess consciousness, Jaak Panksepp’s work suggests a litany of philosophical implications: How should we treat animals? Do we have free will? Where might we search for the meaning of life? Are our most fundamental values actually biological in nature?

Categories: Veterinary medicine, Biological sciences
Tags: Emotions, Consciousness, Animal behavior, Neuroscience

The end of free will?
Spring 2012
The wind said             You know I’m                         ...
Categories: Philosophy
Tags: Free will, Determinism, Neuroscience, Morality

When Memory Fades
Winter 2011

With memory notebooks and smart apartments that use motion technology to  track their residents' daily behaviors, WSU neuropsychologists are exploring ways to  help patients and their families cope with age-related memory loss. Meanwhile, two  scientists have discovered a means to restore neural connectivity.

Categories: Psychology, Biological sciences
Tags: Aging, Dementia, Memory, Alzheimer's Disease, Neuroscience

The Song is You—An Instinct for Music
Spring 2011
What is music good for, anyway?
Categories: Music, Biological sciences, Anthropology
Tags: Songs, Neuroscience, Evolution

Do you hear what I hear?
Winter 2006
A researcher at WSU Vancouver explores how the brain turns sounds into meaningful messages.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Neuroscience, Sound, Physiology

Memories Are Made of This
Spring 2002
Neuroscientists Jay Wright and Joe Harding can approximate Alzheimer's symptoms in a rat by injecting a certain protein into its hippocampus. What's more, they can reverse those symptoms.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Memory, Neuroscience, Brain