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The Ethics of Climate Change
Winter 2012

A political scientist, a geologist, a philosopher, and a sociologist contemplate the ethical implications of an imminent problem: global climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Philosophy, Political science, Sociology
Tags: Climate change, Ethics

Thinking about Washington State
Fall 2005
Adapted from a talk the author delivered April 2005, upon receiving the Washington State University Eminent Faculty Award.I am honored, pleased, and humbled by the recognition that has been bestowed upon me. I'd like to take this time to share some ...
Categories: WSU faculty, Alumni
Tags: Ethics, Public relations

Pailca oversees accountability within Seattle Police Department
Spring 2003
A case involving Asian-American teenagers detained by a Seattle police officer for jaywalking sounds routine enough, but the July 2001 incident soon unfolded into highly publicized accusations of racial profiling. The issue landed in the lap of at...
Categories: Law, Alumni
Tags: Ethics, Police, Criminal justice

"Why do you believe this?"
Fall 2002
"I now think twice when I look in the mirror."Wes Leid remembers the advice Leo K. Bustad, late dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, offered him when he was hired at Washington State University 22 years ago. “You may not think you teach e...
Categories: Education
Tags: Ethics