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Life after newspapers
Winter 2009
It's a whole new cyberworld out there, and I'm the dinosaur dude who's trying to figure out where to go from here.
Categories: Communication, Media
Tags: Careers, Reporters, Journalism, Newspapers

Cooking is its own reward
Spring 2006
Betsy Rogers '89 had her eureka moment while sitting in a cooking class. It was 2000, and the Seattle-based public relations specialist had recently lost her job in a downsizing. Instead of jumping back into a new job, she decided to freelance an...
Categories: Alumni, Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Careers, Food

Is the sky still blue in Emerald City?
Spring 2003
Now that the economy has stalled, are the Seattle unemployed here to stay, or are they packing the U-Haul?When I moved to Washington's west side, I pursued a different career and landscape. When I was laid off last year, I decided to stay...
Categories: Business
Tags: Seattle, Employment, Careers

Paying it forward
Fall 2002
Under the right conditions, mentoring will snowball.One of the simplest pleasures I have is turning on the radio and hearing the voice of Frank Shiers ('77 Communications), a Seattle deejay working the mid-day shift on MIX 92.5. I've known Fra...
Categories: Business
Tags: Careers

It takes a village to raise an engineer
Fall 2002
In two months spent as a participant in the Boeing A. D. Welliver Faculty Summer Fellowship, I observed that there is more to the development of an engineer than just formulas and lectures.In spite of the recent downturn in the economy, the demand...
Categories: Engineering
Tags: Careers

Beginning again
Winter 2001
...attaining any worthwhile goal is really a matter of taking one small step at a time.GEOFF GAMBLE, former interim provost at Washington State University and now president of Montana State University, once told me studies show that mos...
Categories: Business
Tags: Careers