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Gentle commerce
Spring 2015

From humankind's long history of violence, two chapters under the scrutiny of WSU researchers could point the way to a more peaceful world.

Categories: Anthropology, Social sciences
Tags: Southwest United States, Violence, Commerce, Coffee

Talking turkey
Winter 2009
As you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, you might like to know that turkey farming in North America has been around a lot longer than you thought. New genetic tools applied to a common turkey byproduct have given turkey afficionados a lot more to think about.
Categories: Archaeology, Anthropology
Tags: Turkeys, Coprolites, Basketmaker culture, Southwest United States, Pueblo culture, DNA

Ghost Towns of the Anasazi
Spring 2006
For the past three decades, WSU archaeologists and their students have been searching the Southwest with tools ranging from trowels to computers to uncover the story of a vanished people.
Categories: Archaeology, Anthropology
Tags: Southwest United States, Anasazi, Native Americans