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Pavlo Rudenko ’09—As fast as he can go
Spring 2014

Pavlo Rudenko is producing a bio-based lubricant with nano-scale particles that can reduce friction on metal surfaces.

Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Tags: Inventors, Lubricants, Nanotechnology

All that glitters: The shimmering nano-alchemy of Lai-Sheng Wang
Fall 2006
Lai-Sheng Wang places a tinker-toyish thing onto a visitor's palm. Many such toys line the Washington State University physics professor's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory office in Richland. The object at hand—12 steel balls hinged to red ...
Categories: Physics
Tags: Nanotechnology

Small and smaller
Fall 2002
There’s a limit to how small a piece of chocolate chip cookie you can have. At some point, you’ll either have a piece of chocolate or a piece of cookie, but not a piece of chocolate chip cookie.You run into the same problem if you...
Categories: Materials engineering
Tags: Nanotechnology