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What I’ve Learned Since College—An interview with Ruth Bindler ’01
Winter 2012

Ruth Bindler '01, spent her life working on children's health as well as heading up the graduate programs at the WSU College of Nursing.

Categories: Alumni, Health sciences
Tags: Nursing, Obesity, Public health

Recruiting rural health care providers
Fall 2010
On the quirky comedy Northern Exposure, an isolated Alaskan town enticed a New York City doctor to become the community’s physician. While the city doc’s angst and the eccentric residents—including a moose from WSU—drew laughs, the sh...
Categories: Health sciences, WSU Extension
Tags: Rural health care, Doctors, Nursing

Honduras: What Patients We Saw!
Winter 2005
During those long, hot, humid, and exhausting days, we saw, experienced, and accomplished things we had never before imagined possible.We were a team, 24 strong, who came together for 10 days in the early spring of 2005 to travel to Honduras. We w...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Nursing, Volunteer, Honduras

Peru: In the middle of the jungle with no Walgreens
Winter 2005
In summer 2004 my husband, Stuart, and I made our first trip to Peru. We traveled with a charitable organization that hoped to build an orphanage and medical clinic there. Having completed my second semester of nursing studies at the Washington St...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Volunteer, Peru, Nursing

Nurses to the Homeless
Spring 2002
Gypsy's camp is evidence of the harsh living conditions faced by a growing number of homeless in Spokane. It also doubles as a classroom, and a lesson in reality, for student nurses.
Categories: Social work, Health sciences
Tags: Charity, Nursing