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Schweitzer receives alumni award
Spring 2015

Edmund O. Schweitzer III ’77 PhD received the university's highest alumni honor, the Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus Award, in November 2014.

Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Engineers

Nancy Gillett ’78—The business of science
Spring 2014

Pathologist and business executive Nancy Gillett took some major leaps in her life, and went from a practicing veterinarian to chief science officer and senior executive vice president at Charles River Laboratories.

Categories: Alumni, Business, Veterinary medicine
Tags: Women in business, Pathology, Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award

George R. “Bob” Pettit ’52—A profile in persistence
Spring 2013

George R. “Bob” Pettit ’52, a Regents Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient and prominent cancer researcher and chemist, has faced an uphill climb in his quest for cancer-fighting compounds.

Categories: Chemistry, Alumni
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Cancer, Research

John E. Olerud ’65—Science is a lot like baseball
Summer 2012
Whether he’s studying how wounds heal or he’s tagging a runner out at home plate, John E. Olerud ’65 knows two techniques to succeed: work hard and stick with it.Olerud credits those lessons to the man who recruited him to Washington Stat...
Categories: Alumni, Athletics, Health sciences
Tags: Baseball, Dermatology, Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Doctors

Gary Brinson ’68—Investing in the world
Spring 2011
As businesses became more international and markets around the world grew increasingly interconnected over the last three decades, a forward-thinking investor could succeed with a global portfolio. Gary Brinson was one of the earliest of those ...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Investments, Finance

Dwight Damon ’62—Straight smiles
Spring 2010
Orthodontist and inventor Dwight Damon ’62 loves to see the beautiful smiles and straight teeth of his patients. Even better, he knows they’ll look and feel better thanks to his innovative approach to orthodontic care. Damon recently receiv...
Categories: Health sciences, Awards and honors, Alumni
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Orthodontics

Abelson shaped thinking as a scientist, editor of Science
Winter 2004
Regents' Distinguished WSU AlumnusDuring a life spanning 91 years, Tacoma native Philip Hauge Abelson left an indelible imprint on science. As a scientist and as longtime respected editor of Science magazine (1962-83), he shaped thinking in the sc...
Categories: Physics, Chemistry, Alumni
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award

World health care: "Many countries have their priorities wrong"
Spring 2003
"Evidence shows that the family medicine model is the most cost effective and provides the best care for most people." —Dr. Robert HigginsIf you are sick enough and have enough money, you can get very good medical care in most countrie...
Categories: Awards and honors, Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Health care policy, Pharmacy