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Music to a closed country
Spring 2014

Keri McCarthy, an associate professor of music at WSU, traveled to Burma to bring reed instruments, and specifically her specialty the oboe, to the previously isolated nation.

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Tags: Musical instruments, Music education, Myanmar, Burma, Oboe

Poised for playing
Fall 2009
Anyone who has taken music lessons has probably absorbed enough instructions about posture to feel like a raw recruit at basic training: Stand straight! Head up! Toes forward! Leah Jordan, who is starting her senior year at Washington State Unive...
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Tags: Posture, Musical instruments, Trumpet, Music education

Arts for all
Winter 2001
“WOULDN’T you like to write music for someone famous like NSYNC?” a Clarkston High School student asked Greg Yasinitsky.Tough crowd.But Yasinitsky, a Washington State University music professor and jazz studies coordinator an...
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Tags: Music education