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The Storyteller—Patrick McManus ’56, ’59 MA
Summer 2011

Patrick McManus’s comic formula depends on his creation of a world of oddly named characters with generous and adventurous souls. And a markedly different perspective. “As far back as I can remember,” he writes, “I have seen funny. What may horrify normal people may strike me as hilarious.”

Categories: Alumni, Literature
Tags: Humor, Authors, Outdoors, Fishing, Hunting

The Perfect Hunt
Summer 2011
Nearing total exhaustion from my janitorial labors, I plopped my 19-year-old bones down in the cushy leather office chair of Dr. Seymour Slick, Dean of Science. Had I been of a thoughtful nature, I might at that moment have reflected th...
Categories: Humor, Alumni
Tags: Hunting, Outdoors, Short stories

Asking for trouble
Winter 2001
Hunting may create cougar problemsIF THE COUGAR IS ANYTHING like its fellow carnivore the grizzly, then the method we’re using to try to solve our current problems with cougars may well aggravate rather than alleviate them.Rob Wielgus,...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Wildlife, Hunting, Cougars