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Counting cougs
Summer 2007

Between 1995, the year before Washington banned the hunting of cougars with hounds, and 2000, the number of human-cougar encounters nearly quadrupled. Although encounters have returned to pre-ban levels in some areas, the public perception is that cougars are making a comeback--and must be stopped. But Hillary Cooley and Rob Wielgus insist that much of what we think we know about cougars is wrong. And their argument rests with the young males.

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Wildlife, Cougars

Asking for trouble
Winter 2001
Hunting may create cougar problemsIF THE COUGAR IS ANYTHING like its fellow carnivore the grizzly, then the method we’re using to try to solve our current problems with cougars may well aggravate rather than alleviate them.Rob Wielgus,...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Wildlife, Hunting, Cougars