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Mulch ado about garden plastics
Spring 2012
In 2001, Carol Miles certified WSU’s first piece of organic land, a three-acre parcel at the WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Unit. It was a landmark moment, leading the way for organicall...
Categories: Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Gardening, Sustainability, Organic foods

Brian Carter ’06—On the same garden path
Spring 2010
Brian Carter ’06 is a natural resource specialist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but he often uses a shorter description.“I’m a curator,” he says, while offering up the Latin name for a tree at Seattle’s Ballard Locks. “I m...
Categories: Alumni, Global Campus, Agriculture
Tags: Gardening, Parks

Master Gardeners
Fall 2009
"Cultivating plants, people, and communities since 1973" is how the Master Gardeners explain themselves. The concept has worked well. Washington, where it all started, now has over 3,000 volunteer Master Gardeners, who in exchange for training in turn give their knowledge and expertise to others in their communities. These communities have now spread across the United States and Canada.
Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Gardens, Gardening

Through the Garden Gate
Spring 2008
Invasive species--plants, animals, and microbes--have been estimated to cost American businesses and taxpayers at least $122 billion every year in damaged property, lost productivity, and control efforts. However, perhaps more costly in the long run is the damage done to natural communities.
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Gardening, Invasive weeds

The orphan flower
Spring 2008
In a Washington State University greenhouse, on the roof of Abelson Hall, dwells an orphan. Sheltered by a translucent plastic tent that diffuses the sunlight, drenched in water that keeps the air heavy with moisture, a semitropical plant called ...
Categories: Botany
Tags: Tropical plants, Gardening

Eat more garlic
Spring 2006
If there's just one thing you plant in your garden, make it garlic.For one thing, it's extraordinarily easy to grow. Plant it around Columbus Day. Cover it with mulch. Or don't. Water it now and then when it starts growing again in the spring. And...
Categories: Health sciences, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Gardening, Garlic, 4-H

Plants of the Wild
Winter 2004

Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Gardening, Palouse

Gardening on the Palouse
Summer 2004
The area known to practically every Washingtonian as "the Palouse" is one of six large grassland communities in North America. The Palouse stretches from just south of Spokane to the Snake River valley, near Moscow and Pullman. Today, it is a fert...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Horticulture, Palouse, Gardening

The Last Roses of Summer
Spring 2004
Steve Smith has good news for those of us who like to satisfy more than one sense at a time. The domestic rose, bred too long for form and color only, to the detriment of scent, is regaining its fragrance. Smith '76, the head rose gardener at Mani...
Categories: Botany
Tags: Roses, Gardening

Pacific Northwest sagebrush steppe
Winter 2003
Though it is the most widespread of plant ecosystems in eastern Washington, covering 24,000 square miles, the sagebrush-steppe is probably the least understood, and therefore the least appreciated, especially among gardeners. By nature, gardeners ...
Categories: Botany, Agriculture
Tags: Sagebrush steppe, Gardening, Eastern Washington

Emerald winters, brown summers
Summer 2003
How dry it is! Understanding the summer climate west of the Cascades baffles lots of residents. The "emerald green" attitude extends to believing that summer months wrap themselves in rain and mist just as winter does. However, our "modified Medit...
Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Gardening, Water

Living and gardening in the Pacific Northwest - Spring 2003
Spring 2003
Some gardeners work to change conditions in their yard to create havens of greenery and blooms with plants that wouldn't grow there otherwise. They amend the soil to suit plants' needs, they water a lot during the summer, and they give added prote...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Gardening

Living and gardening in the Pacific Northwest
Winter 2002
In Washington State, it has been over 200 years since indigenous peoples described where they lived as "the place where camas blooms" or "the place where wild onions nod." In other parts of the country, it has been even longer.Where Native America...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Gardening

Killer compost
Fall 2002
If you use compost in your garden, you may be setting yourself up for either a bumper crop or a bummer crop.Gardeners, greenhouse operators, and organic farmers from Washington to California have experienced crop failures on certain plants af...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Gardening

Fall is the time to plant bulbs—but maybe not the ones you'd planned on
Fall 2002
Another approach to perennials is to go back to basics--native plants.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Flowers, Gardening