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The roots of tilth
Winter 2014

Sustainable agriculture took a step forward when a group of Washington farmers, gardeners, and concerned citizens formed the nation's first organized efforts with Washington Tilth.

Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Organic foods, Sustainability, Tilth, Sustainable agriculture

Dynamic duo
Fall 2013

Friends and colleagues Eric Brandon '12 and Nick Linton '13 bring together engineering and design to their desire to make sustainable communities.

Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering, Alumni
Tags: Design, Sustainability

Eric Zakarison ’81 and Sheryl Hagen-Zakarison ’83, ’91—Thinking small
Summer 2013

Eric Zakarison ’81 and Sheryl Hagen-Zakarison ’83, ’91 decided to use their small family farm near Pullman to raise more than wheat, adding animals and other crops to the mix.

Categories: Agriculture, Alumni
Tags: Small farms, Sustainability, Ranching

What moves you at WSU
Summer 2012
One fuzzy old photograph of construction in downtown Pullman shows images of early days in the city: men laying a foundation by hand, a horse-drawn carriage on the street, a bicycle leaning on a post in the foreground. The photo has no date, b...
Categories: WSU students, Environmental studies, Campus life
Tags: Transportation, Transit, Sustainability

Mulch ado about garden plastics
Spring 2012
In 2001, Carol Miles certified WSU’s first piece of organic land, a three-acre parcel at the WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Unit. It was a landmark moment, leading the way for organicall...
Categories: Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Gardening, Sustainability, Organic foods

Digging the new EcoWell
Spring 2011
Students and faculty develop a mighty thirst after working out at WSU’s Student Recreation Center, and now they have a new, healthy, and environmentally friendly option to quench it.The EcoWell vending machine’s slick iPhone-like touchscreen ...
Categories: Business, Engineering
Tags: Entrepreneurs, Vending machines, Sustainability

Cultivating new energy
Fall 2010
With just a whiff of irony, let’s sing a song of praise for gasoline.A single gallon contains more than 30,000 calories. You wouldn’t want to drink it, but in straight-up energy terms, that’s enough to power a human for about two weeks.Gaso...
Categories: Chemistry, Engineering, Agriculture
Tags: Sustainability, Algae, Methane, Fuels, Biofuels

Opening new doors to green
Winter 2009
The soaring ceiling, room-length fireplace, and glass doors that open to the outdoors give the lobby the flavor of a ski lodge crossed with an open-air café. However, the ambience of Olympia Avenue—Washington State University’s new residence...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Sustainability, Residence halls

Stormwater central
Winter 2009
There’s nothing mundane about the new parking lot at the WSU research and extension center in Puyallup. It is a state-of-the-art polluted water collection system. The 70...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Sustainability, Ecology, Water quality, Stormwater

Whither organic?
Winter 2006
With a new organic major and a strong history of research, WSU is a leader in organic agriculture. But is that enough to keep up with the demands of a burgeoning organic industry?
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Sustainability, Organic foods

The Circle of Life and the Farmer's Daughters
Winter 2004
Determined that, contrary to popular assumption, bread flour could indeed be grown in the Inland Northwest, a few years ago Fred Fleming '73 and Karl Kupers '71 started growing Terra, a new variety of hard red spring wheat developed by Washington ...
Categories: Agriculture, Business
Tags: Sustainability, Wheat, Food