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Life Histories: The Butterflies of Cascadia
Fall 2012

In documenting the life histories of Cascadia’s butterflies, every one of the 158 species represented a separate research project. The result has been a wealth of biological and ecological knowledge that simply did not exist before David Nunnallee and WSU entomologist David James began their monumental task.

Categories: Entomology, Biological sciences
Tags: Butterflies, Cascades

The fate of a blue butterfly
Summer 2011
A century or so ago, late spring in Oregon’s Willamette Valley saw waves of delicate blue and brown butterflies across a million acres of prairie, lighting on equally delicate lupines to lay their eggs. At least we can imagine it tha...
Categories: Biological sciences, Environmental studies
Tags: Butterflies, Endangered species

The Butterfly Lady
Fall 2004
Like many children, Chris Hunter Hebdon enjoyed being outdoors, searching for insects on the ground, in the water, and on plants. Beetles were her favorite.Her love of insects came from her mother, who, when she returned to school to become a biol...
Categories: Alumni, Entomology
Tags: Butterflies