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Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Fall 2014

What we eat can help us fight infection, combat cancer, and address disease. A number of Washington State University scientists explore the medical benefits of a cornucopia of crops.

Categories: Agriculture, Food, Health sciences
Tags: Cancer, Nutrition

Eat your broccoli or no cookie: Feeding styles and childhood obesity
Spring 2012
Ever try to get a child to stop munching potato chips and eat some carrots? That push toward healthier foods can sometimes contribute to familial strife, make it difficult for children to tell when they are full, and even increase the p...
Categories: Health sciences, Food
Tags: Eating, Nutrition, Parenting, Children

How we eat is what we are
Winter 2009
In the 1960s, 24.3 percent of Americans were overweight. Now, over 60 percent of us are. Even though other countries are hot on our heels, we are still the plumpest folk in the world. Does it matter?
Categories: Food, Economics, Health sciences, Biological sciences
Tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Food, Exercise, Diabetes

Is organic more nutritious?
Winter 2009
This summer saw the publication of a study of the nutritional value of organic versus conventional foods by scientists with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Based on a review of 55 articles they judged of satisfactory quality, t...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Organic foods, Nutrition

Cultivated thought
Winter 2009
Cultivated thought : : Near the end of an otherwise lackluster speech to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society in September 1859, Abraham Lincoln suddenly shifted gears heading into his peroration.Having compared two conflicting theories of lab...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Nutrition

What Robbie Cowgill eats
Spring 2007

Categories: Athletics, Culinary Arts
Tags: Nutrition, Diet, Basketball

The New Nutrition
Fall 2004
The problem with dietary recommendations is that they haven't been necessarily based on sound science.
Categories: Health sciences
Tags: Nutrition, Food, Heart disease