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Shattering Some Glass—Women sportscasters breaking into the big leagues
Summer 2015

Women in sports broadcasting jump hurdles and work hard to succeed in the traditionally male-dominated field, as several WSU alumni can attest.

Categories: Athletics, Communication
Tags: Women, Sports broadcasters

Elaine Thomas ’76—Showing some metal
Summer 2015

Elaine Thomas broke ground as a top metallurgist, a traditionally male field, researching and making high-quality metal castings.

Categories: Alumni, Materials engineering
Tags: Metallurgy, Women

Sex, drugs, and differences
Summer 2014

After decades of researching gender differences in the effects of drugs, Rebecca Craft has found that females using marijuana are likelier than men to become dependent on the drug and suffer more severe withdrawals.

Categories: Psychology, Health sciences
Tags: Cannabis, Women, Drug abuse, Addiction

Darnell Sue ’02—A girl and her power
Fall 2011
This thing called Girl Power is at work well before the scheduled hour of 6 p.m. A peek into Bellevue’s Pure Barre gym one evening in May offers a view of more than a half dozen women in dresses and high heels setting up tables, filli...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Networking, Women

Challenges remain for women, minorities in technical fields
Summer 2004

Categories: Sociology, Alumni
Tags: Women, Minorities

Feminae Romanae!
Spring 2002
". . . but Roman women rule the Romans"Femina gladiatrix?  Femina medica?Historians typically ascribe household or family roles to women of ancient Rome or ignore them altogether. Accounts of male emperors, male military leaders, male sc...
Categories: History, Gender studies
Tags: Roman history, Women

A salon of their own
Spring 2002
Good conversation should bring about a transcendental melding of minds and dissolve class and ideological differences.The funniest things Washington State University historian Steve Kale ran across in researching his latest book were the a...
Categories: History, Literature
Tags: Salons, Women