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Billions to Be Served
Summer 2015

Scientists and chefs at the WSU Mount Vernon Research Center’s Bread Lab study local grains and traditional baking techniques to make a better loaf.

Categories: Food, Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: WSU Mount Vernon Research Center, Bread, Wheat, Small farms

Of mice, men, and wheat
Winter 2013

Mice may have played a major role in the evolution of wheat, as they fed on the stores of grain harvested by humans.

Categories: Agriculture, History
Tags: Mice, Wheat, Evolution

Wheat: A 10,000-year relationship
Winter 2011
A while back, George DePasquale visited the ancient Italian city of Pompeii, not far from his ancestral home of Sorrento. Looking at a 2,000-year-old oven, DePasquale could easily imagine how its baker prepared and baked bread much as he does toda...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Bread, Baking, Wheat

Billions Served
Fall 2011

Seven billion people will soon become nine billion before the global population levels off. Can so many people be fed from a finite Earth? Yes, they can, say WSU researchers. But the solutions will necessarily be many.

Categories: Social work, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Population, Hunger, Wheat, International development

The Circle of Life and the Farmer's Daughters
Winter 2004
Determined that, contrary to popular assumption, bread flour could indeed be grown in the Inland Northwest, a few years ago Fred Fleming '73 and Karl Kupers '71 started growing Terra, a new variety of hard red spring wheat developed by Washington ...
Categories: Agriculture, Business
Tags: Sustainability, Wheat, Food

Full Circle
Summer 2004
Steve Jones and Tim Murray want to make the immense area of eastern Washington, or at least a good chunk of it, less prone to blow, less often bare, even more unchanging. The way they'll do this is to convince a plant that is content to die after it sets seed in late summer that it actually wants to live.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wheat, Palouse, Genetics

Designed to compete
Winter 2002

Categories: Earth sciences, Agriculture
Tags: Soil, Wheat