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At center STAGE
Summer 2015

Student theater and improv comedy thrive at WSU thanks to alumni and faculty like Ben Gonzales and Ray Franz.

Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Theatre, Comedy, Acting

Ted Tremper ’04—The art of improv
Winter 2014

Ted Tremper started with comedy improv at WSU and a decade later he's an actor, web television filmmaker, and veteran of The Second City.

Categories: Alumni, Performing arts
Tags: Comedians, Comedy, Acting

Happy in Hollywood, actor Larkin Campbell loves what he's doing
Spring 2004
It's a dark drama, set in a desert. The lead character, Zack, runs into some bad guys, and he's in real trouble. The name of the movie, an independent production, is short and catchy: Nowhere.But the actor playing Zack, Larkin Campbell, hopes the ...
Categories: Alumni, Performing arts
Tags: Film, Acting