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A perfect vessel for wine research
Summer 2015

The new Wine Science Center at WSU Tri-Cities covers the needs of viticulture and enology researchers, students, and industry, down to the smallest details.

Categories: WSU Tri-Cities, Agriculture
Tags: Enology, Viticulture, Wine, Buildings

Cougar I
Fall 2014

A promising pairing of alumni and wine lands this October with Cougar I, a rich red blend.

Categories: Alumni, Culinary Arts
Tags: Wine, Alumni Association

Allison Helfen ’89—A crush on local wine
Summer 2014

The Wine Alley in Renton was a dream come real for Allison Helfen and her husband Scott.

Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Wine

Doing good through blending
Summer 2012
About three years ago, Monte Regier returned to Seattle from a year working on the hospital ship Anastasis off the coast of Liberia. Suffering from culture shock, remembering friends who go to bed hungry every night, he sat with his friend Martin...
Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Wine, Philanthropy, Charity, Food

Thank you: Our 10-year event
Spring 2012
The following wineries graciously contributed wine to Washington State Magazine’s 10-year celebration: Bergevin Lane Vineyards, Walla Walla,bergevinlane...
Washington State Magazine
Tags: Wine

Doubling back
Winter 2009
Drew Bledsoe may be best remembered by Washington State fans for what he accomplished on a snowy day in November 1992.And while visions of Bledsoe, receiver Phillip Bobo, and a snow bank are foremost in their memories, these days, Bledsoe wants Coug...
Categories: Alumni, Athletics
Tags: Wine, Football

L'Américain en Provence
Winter 2008
A story about an expatriate—and about his wine. Provence is a world away from Bellevue, where Denis Gayte '97 grew up. And French winemaking is another world away from the public relations career he abandoned. So there he was, with his French heritage and a newly minted "young French winemaker" degree—but still referred to (and always affectionately) as l'Américain.
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni
Tags: Wine, France, Provence

Viticultural art
Spring 2007
Wine-By-Cougars, the precocious young wine club sponsored by the Washington State University Alumni Association, is adding art to its viticultural appeal. The wine club will offer a special "Artist Expression 2007," a union of student art and alum...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Painting, Wine

Establishing a solid foundation
Fall 2006

A laboratory and vineyard in Prosser are where your wine is supposed to begin.

Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wine

Washington's wine crush
Winter 2005
From Whidbey Island to Woodinville to Walla Walla, Washington's wine industry is coming of age.
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Wine tasting, Wine, Grapes

What I've Learned Since College: an interview with Theodore Baseler
Winter 2005
Ted Baseler is president and CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. The interview with Hannelore Sudermann took place in his second-floor office at the Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville in late July. Journeying from advertising and marketing into t...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Wine

Tasting Washington
Fall 2003
The setting is elegant, the food divine, the wine fine and endless and magnificently diverse. On a Sunday evening in June, the Grand Pennington Ballroom at Spokane's Davenport Hotel is filled with representatives of more than 60 Washington winerie...
Categories: Culinary Arts, Food
Tags: Wine, Food

Walter Clore: a wine visionary
Fall 2003
The prose is deliberate, straightforward, and academically understated: "If hardier varieties free of diseases are used and the best cultural practices known to obtain full vine maturity are followed, it is feasible to grow European grapes in favo...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Wine

Columbia Valley wineries double
Winter 2002
Arthur Linton, center, assistant dean and director of Washington State University's Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) in Prosser, and Julie Tarara, a USDA research horticulturist, explain the effects of temperature on gra...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wine, Horticulture

Cataclysm, Light & Passion
Winter 2001
Even though the Washington wine industry is in its relative infancy, it is playing with the big boys. How did it get so good so quickly?
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wine