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Carlton Lewis—Still Building Bridges
Fall 2004
The early 1970s were tumultuous years on the WSU campus. As student body president, Carlton Lewis helped keep things from boiling over. Now he presides over Devcorp Consulting Corporation, a project management company with teeth.
Categories: Alumni, Sociology
Tags: Minorities, Construction, Students

Wave of the Future
Summer 2004
Hands-on training doesn't get better than this. After six months of construction, Washington State University assistant professor of architecture Robert Barnstone and 10 architectural design students recently completed what is essentially the worl...
Categories: Architecture and design, Engineering
Tags: Wood, Construction, Materials engineering

Students to build a complete solar home
Summer 2004
A group of students from the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University will compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon. Over the next two years, the students will design and construct a small...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Energy, Solar power, Construction

Arlington National Cemetery hallowed ground for Carson
Summer 2004
Rarely do people have their work viewed by U.S. presidents, congressmen, and millions of tourists. But that's the kind of scrutiny Kent Carson encounters. He is construction engineer at Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington, D.C.The cemet...
Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Tags: Construction

Bridges, docks, and dams
Spring 2004
Some of General Construction's best work is under waterRon Morford was only 19 when he built his first house. A quarter century later, he's still in construction-only on a much larger scale. The president and district manager of General Constructio...
Categories: Engineering, Alumni
Tags: Water, Civil engineering, Construction