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Foiling an invasive
Fall 2009
Sometimes, figuring something out only deepens the overall mystery.Take Pseudomonas fluorescens D7, for example.Ann Kennedy, a USDA-Agricultural Research Service soil microbiologist at Washington S...
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Cheatgrass, Invasive weeds

Let the invasions begin
Fall 2008
As Beijing prepared to welcome athletes and spectators to the Olympic Games, a quieter and much less welcome influx was already under way. According to a new study by Washington State University ecologist Richard Mack and four Chinese colleagues,...
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Invasive weeds, China

Through the Garden Gate
Spring 2008
Invasive species--plants, animals, and microbes--have been estimated to cost American businesses and taxpayers at least $122 billion every year in damaged property, lost productivity, and control efforts. However, perhaps more costly in the long run is the damage done to natural communities.
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Gardening, Invasive weeds

Mounting a defense against biological invaders
Spring 2003
Whatever its impact on trade, the World Trade Organization has opened the doors to biological invasion, says Dick Mack. A professor of botany at Washington State University, Mack is a leading authority on invasive species and lead author of Predi...
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Ecology, Invasive weeds

An English import invades Puget Sound
Summer 2002
A classic case of good intention gone bad, English cordgrass (Spartina anglica) was introduced to Washington around 1962 to stabilize dikes and provide forage for cattle. The U.S. Department of Agriculture imported seeds from England, and a WSU e...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Invasive weeds