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Cougar encampments
Winter 2013

Over the past 20 years a community of devoted campers has developed in the parking lots around the WSU Pullman campus.

Categories: Athletics, Alumni
Tags: Tailgating, Transportation

What moves you at WSU
Summer 2012
One fuzzy old photograph of construction in downtown Pullman shows images of early days in the city: men laying a foundation by hand, a horse-drawn carriage on the street, a bicycle leaning on a post in the foreground. The photo has no date, b...
Categories: WSU students, Environmental studies, Campus life
Tags: Transportation, Transit, Sustainability

What I’ve Learned Since College: Joni Earl ’75—CEO of Sound Transit
Spring 2010
When Joni Earl ’75 joined Sound Transit in 2000, she was unaware of the crisis facing the agency, which provides public transportation for Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties. As the new Chief Operating Officer, she was asked to review the s...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Sound Transit, Transportation, Trains

Track to the future
Winter 2009
It was only a few decades ago that Northern Pacific Railroad ran daily trains from Spokane through Pullman and down to Lewiston. And train cars loaded with students and steamer trunks came over the Cascades delivering their lively loads to packed ...
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Trains, Railroad, Transportation, Palouse

When buoy meets barge
Winter 2005
"You look out on the ocean, and it looks huge. It looks like there's space for anybody or anything out there."But," says Steve Harbell, "really there's a lot going on."Take, for example, crabbers and ocean-going towboats. Historically, the two have...
Categories: Geography
Tags: Transportation, Crab, Ocean

Tracking Trucks
Fall 2004

One heavily-loaded eighteen-wheeler can cause the same highway damage as 7,000 cars. Ken Casavant and other transportation economists are trying to make sense of the effects of trucks on the state's highways.

Categories: Engineering, Economics
Tags: Transportation, Highways, Trucks

Tackling megacity crud
Spring 2004

A whole new take on the Mexico City blues.

Categories: Engineering, Environmental studies
Tags: Civil engineering, Pollution, Transportation