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Orrin Pilkey ’57—A climate change provocateur
Spring 2012
In August 1969, Hurricane Camille slammed into Mississippi with winds of nearly 200 miles an hour. The storm blew many things far and wide, including the career track of coastal geologist Orrin Pilkey ’57. Up to that point, Pilkey had...
Categories: Earth sciences, Alumni
Tags: Climate change, Geology, Ocean, Beach

Hot stuff: Deep ocean fauna
Winter 2006
When it comes to tolerating extreme environments, deep-sea vent worms are hard to beat.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Marine biology, Aquatic animals, Ocean

When buoy meets barge
Winter 2005
"You look out on the ocean, and it looks huge. It looks like there's space for anybody or anything out there."But," says Steve Harbell, "really there's a lot going on."Take, for example, crabbers and ocean-going towboats. Historically, the two have...
Categories: Geography
Tags: Transportation, Crab, Ocean

A tiny shrimp threatens to topple an industry
Winter 2005

Categories: Environmental studies, WSU Extension
Tags: Shrimp, Ocean