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The Pear
Winter 2013

The pear and the apple are quite different fruits, both in how they are eaten and in how they are grown. And where in Washington they are grown makes all the difference in how pear farmers think of their product.

Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Pears, Horticulture, Tree fruit

How Washington tastes: The Apple meets Cougar Gold
Spring 2013

One need not be an expert taster to appreciate the chemistry between the apple and Cougar Gold.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Taste, Cougar Gold cheese, Apples, Horticulture, Cheese

Cherries in two dimensions
Fall 2012

A novel architecture for cherry trees on a two-dimensional plane can help the trees develop a fruiting wall suited for mechanized harvesters. WSU horticulturist Matthew Whiting '01 PhD is part of a project to develop the  upright fruiting offshoots (UFOs) system.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Cherries, Horticulture

Summer 2012
The cultivation of raspberries is, compared to that of other fruits, a relatively recent endeavor. Rubus idaeus, “the bramble bush of Ida,” purportedly grew on the slopes of Mount Ida and was enjoyed by the residents of the city of Troy. Ida,...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Breeding, Horticulture, Raspberries

The kinder, gentler orchard
Fall 2010

The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 initiated the gradual phasing out of organophosphate pesticides. By 2012, the major chemical defense against wormy apples will no longer be available. But not to worry, thanks to a continuous refinement of Integrated Pest Management and collaboration amongst growers, industry fieldmen, and WSU researchers.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Tree fruit, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit, Pesticides, Pest management, Horticulture

Finally, a Washington apple
Spring 2010
A Washington apple? you say. You might respond, correctly, that Washington and apples are almost synonymous. After all, we produce more than half of the nation’s eating apples. Visit a market in Mexico, Thailand, Houston, or Saudi Arabia, and...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Horticulture, Apples

Cherries—The sweet fruit of worry
Summer 2006
In March, Don Olmstead Jr. ('70 Hort.) watches over his cherry trees night and day, ready to activate a heating system or switch on the wind machines to protect the tender buds from a killing frost. It's a task he shares with his son and business ...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Horticulture, Cherries

The spice of life: Apples come in more than one variety
Fall 2005
Apples come in more than one variety—a lot more.
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Apples, Horticulture

Gardening on the Palouse
Summer 2004
The area known to practically every Washingtonian as "the Palouse" is one of six large grassland communities in North America. The Palouse stretches from just south of Spokane to the Snake River valley, near Moscow and Pullman. Today, it is a fert...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Horticulture, Palouse, Gardening

Columbia Valley wineries double
Winter 2002
Arthur Linton, center, assistant dean and director of Washington State University's Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center (IAREC) in Prosser, and Julie Tarara, a USDA research horticulturist, explain the effects of temperature on gra...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wine, Horticulture