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Tree Top: Creating a fruit revolution
Fall 2010
Book reviewIn the September 10, 1951, issue of Life magazine is a picture of a bulldozer mounding apples in the Yakima dump. Seven acres of apples worth $6 million dollars rotted as pigs rooted through them, the result of failing foreign mark...
Categories: Business, Agriculture
Tags: Tree Top, Apples, Northwest history, Books

Finally, a Washington apple
Spring 2010
A Washington apple? you say. You might respond, correctly, that Washington and apples are almost synonymous. After all, we produce more than half of the nation’s eating apples. Visit a market in Mexico, Thailand, Houston, or Saudi Arabia, and...
Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Horticulture, Apples

The spice of life: Apples come in more than one variety
Fall 2005
Apples come in more than one variety—a lot more.
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Apples, Horticulture

A summer job that meant something
Winter 2002
An entomology undergrad combats the worm in the appleWhen they hatch, they're so tiny you can barely see them. Then they eat. They bore their way inside an apple and consume it from within. After two weeks, they're half an inch long, pinkish orange...
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Apples, Pest management, Entomology

Washington apples—best of the best
Winter 2001
ALTHOUGH DEBATE will continue over the benefits of organic versus conventional farming, Washington State University scientists have established that organic production of apples is more sustainable than conventional apple production. Soil sc...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Apples