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Gassing up in the Wild Blue: Cadets get a taste of their future
Summer 2003

Categories: Military sciences
Tags: Aviation, Air Force, ROTC

Each on his own merits
Fall 2002
Identical triplets Donald, Jack, and Joseph Claros appear to be mirror images—5 feet, 4 inches tall, 125 pounds, whitewall haircuts, small wire rimmed glasses. They are soft-spoken, polite, and typically respond to questions from their elders wi...
Categories: Alumni, Military sciences
Tags: ROTC

"Adapt, improvise, overcome"
Summer 2002
“They know the war on terrorism won’t go away, even when we finish in Afghanistan.” - Lt. Col. James M. ZubaA four-by-two-foot map of Asia is tacked to a wall of Army Lt. Col. James M. Zuba’s office. Forty-five blue dots designate locat...
Categories: Military sciences
Tags: ROTC