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Posts for Fall 2013
Fall 2013

Letters from WSU alumni on the giant "Go Cougs" sign on SR 26, "Gun Show Nation" article, and the profile of Dan and Val Ogden. It also features a new WSU Vancouver building.

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Tags: Letters, Cougar pride, Buildings

How Coug Are You?
Fall 2005
Would you paint your airplane crimson and gray? Or drive hundreds of miles to wave the Cougar flag at a non-Coug game? Or keep a concrete cougar in your yard? Well, how Coug are you?
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Fashion, Cougar gear, Cougar pride

The Cougars take Seattle
Winter 2004
It's one of those quintessential late-summer days in Seattle. Clear in the morning, warm, gathering clouds by late afternoon, the air heavy and muggy. The tourists are tired, making their way back to the hotel for an early dinner. It is Friday, ru...
Categories: Alumni, WSU students
Tags: Seattle, Marching band, Cougar pride

Training Table
Winter 2004
Cougar Etiquette DinnerSkillfully sidestepping the busy wait staff, Mylene Barizo circulates among the 100 diners attending the Cougar Etiquette Dinner in the Todd Hall atrium. She stops, chats casually with student-athletes seated around tables f...
Categories: Food, Athletics
Tags: Etiquette, Cougar pride

Cougar in the corn
Fall 2004
Philipp Schmitt fashioned this elaborate Cougar Country corn maze on 14 acres east of Spokane near Liberty Lake last October. Each fall for the past five years, he's used global positioning-coordinates beamed by satellite-to figure out where to p...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Design, Cougar pride

Cougar finds a home in faternity house
Spring 2004
After roughly 45 years, S.J. "Bill" Monro's prized Cougar has a new home. The longtime San Francisco restaurateur donated the stuffed animal to the Washington State University chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.His wife, Barbara, discovered the specim...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Fraternity, Cougar pride