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Kim Fay ’88—Communion: A Culinary Journey through Vietnam
Spring 2011
Any prospective reader of Kim Fay’s book about Vietnamese food should be forewarned. Her descriptions are awfully good. In the city of Hue, following her first exposure to com hen, or clam rice, which was served to her Vietnamese-hot, well be...
Categories: Food, Alumni
Tags: Vietnam, Cooking, Travel

Nöel Riley Fitch '65, '69—At Julia's table
Winter 2009
As a graduate student at Washington State University in the late 1960s, Noël Riley Fitch found her calling in an issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. A two-page story about Sylvia Beach and her little bookshop called Shakespeare and Company in Paris i...
Categories: Alumni, English
Tags: Writers, Julia Child, Cooking, Biographers

Savor the Flavor
Summer 2005
They started with soups and creative napkin folding, and spread out into a weekend of cooking and wine at the Savor the Flavor culinary show in Kennewick this March. The two-day fundraiser for the small, privately-run nonprofit Oasis School has be...
Categories: Culinary Arts
Tags: Cooking

Better chow
Spring 2002
As anyone who has stir-fried vegetables knows, quickly cooking foods at high temperatures makes for crisper, fresher-tasting foods than using slow-cooking methods.So it is that over the past six years, associate professor of biological systems eng...
Categories: Biological sciences, Engineering
Tags: Food, Cooking