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Where Have You Gone, Edward R. Murrow?
Fall 2005
Edward R. Murrow '30 broadcasted reports from a London rooftop during the Blitz. He confronted Joseph McCarthy on national television. And he admitted "an abiding fear regarding what . . .[radio and TV] are doing to our society, and our heritage."
Categories: WSU history, Media, Communication
Tags: Edward R. Murrow, Journalism, Radio, Broadcasting

Happy 25th, KZUU!
Summer 2005
It was a rock 'n' roll idea in a Bee Gees world.In 1977, a time of flared pants and patchwork shirts, a small group of determined students at Washington State University wanted a voice that could reach beyond campus. They wanted an outlet that was...
Categories: WSU history, Music
Tags: KZUU, Radio

Harrison National Public Radio pioneer
Summer 2004
Whether plinking on the piano or pounding out scripts for public radio on his manual typewriter, Burton D. "Burt" Harrison enjoyed life to the fullest. During 27 years on the Washington State University communications faculty, including 17 as mana...
Categories: Media, Alumni
Tags: Radio

A common reader: Trouble in Dusty Gulch
Winter 2002
I really should be more worried about this. It's my living, after all. For 20 years I've been presenting a kind of music so wildly varied in time (seven centuries and more), in style (Morris dances, Joplin rags, Mahlerian stairways to heaven, Copl...
Categories: Music, Communication
Tags: Classical music, Radio