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Looking for life’s origins in the clouds of a moon
Fall 2012

Carol Turse, a doctoral candidate in WSU’s School of the Environment’s Laboratory for Astrobiological Investigations, is conducting a variation of the Miller-Urey experiment, the first successful laboratory attempt to test theories about the origin of life, to simulate the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan.

Categories: Space sciences
Tags: Titan, Astrobiology, Saturn, Evolution

All's well that ends well
Summer 2005
How do you describe the feeling of watching 18 years of work come to nothing? Shock. Numbness. A sinking in the stomach. Atkinson wanted to punch something. His colleagues left to get a beer. But the Cassini team wasn't quite ready to concede failure. An hour after dispersing in despair, they came together again, this time with a glimmer of hope.
Categories: Physics
Tags: Saturn, Astrophysics, Space exploration