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Maps, memory, and imagination
Winter 2012
The aspirations, dreams, and metaphors invested in maps are displayed in two recent books by WSU alumni, as well as several articles in this issue.
Categories: Alumni, Literature, Geography
Tags: Maps, Books

Noam Chomsky
Fall 2005
The surprising thing about Noam Chomsky in person was what he was not. Even though I was not intimately familiar with either his linguistics or his political writing, I had imagined him as stern and austere, too absorbed in thought to bother with ...
Categories: Languages and linguistics, Philosophy
Tags: Books

Washington State loves its literature
Summer 2005
In a report released last summer, the National Endowment for the Arts warned that literary reading has declined over the last 20 years. Scary stuff, huh? So we did our own informal survey of faculty, students, and alums. Their response? Read on!
Categories: Literature, Campus life
Tags: Books, Reading, Library

The Extreme Survival Almanac
Winter 2004
In many cases, those who survived made a commitment to just get through the night or day.This book could save your life.Your car breaks down in a remote area. You're lost in the woods, not knowing which way to turn, or whether to stay or to go. Yo...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Books, Survival

Adjusting to life during college and after
Summer 2003
By the time he graduated from Washington State University, Terry Arndt ('93 Horticulture) had accumulated $20,000 in student loans, $5,000 in credit card bills, and car payments.Fortunately, he found a job right away, and a financial advisor. She ...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Books, Budget, Entrepreneurs

A tale of many cities
Summer 2003
As a boy Clint Borgen dreamed of having an interesting life, radically different from the humdrum sleepiness of Anacortes, Washington, his commercial-fishing-oriented hometown. He played spy games with a seemingly fearless older brother and best f...
Categories: Media, Alumni
Tags: Refugees, Europe, Books