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Seeing Selma
Summer 2015

In March 1965 WSU photographer James H. Barker and others from WSU joined and documented the march to Selma in support of voting rights for African Americans.

Categories: History
Tags: Selma, Civil rights, African Americans, Voting

Dana Patterson: The path ahead
Summer 2007
Yellow Springs, Ohio, is a small college community with a rich history of social justice. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad and, much later, home to Antioch College, where civil rights activist Coretta Scott King went to school.Dana Patter...
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Civil rights

“You can't just keep sweeping this stuff under the rug”
Summer 2002
Washington State University’s 15th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration brought hundreds out to Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum in mid-January, despite a blizzard. Those who braved the storm were rewarded with an inspirational progra...
Categories: Law
Tags: Civil rights