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Posts for Spring 2014
Spring 2014

Letters from WSU alumni about former President Glenn Terrell, Gabriel Fielding, apples, and more. The new WSU Visitor Center is highlighted.

Categories: WSU history, Alumni
Tags: Gabriel Fielding, Glenn Terrell, WSU presidents, Visitor center

Glenn Terrell, WSU President 1967–1985: Recollections
Winter 2013

WSU’s seventh president led with both head and heart. A recollection.

Categories: WSU history, Memoirs
Tags: WSU presidents, Glenn Terrell, In memoriam

The spirit of the land grant institution
Fall 2012
Had the intent of the land grant spirit been simply to produce homemakers or farmers or carpenters, Justin Morrill, the author of the act that established the land-grants 150 years ago, might have best looked for his model among the craft guild...
Categories: Education, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

Time’s Warehouse
Spring 2012
As anniversaries go, I suppose a mere decade is not so big a deal, even for a magazine. Many magazines, after all, have lived much longer. Atlantic Monthly’s 154 years aside, even here at Washington State University, Washington State Magazi...
Categories: WSU history
Tags: Magazines, WSU presidents

Somewhere in France
Summer 2011
The latest posting on our Coordinates website is from Margrit von Braun ’89 PhD, who writes from Nigeria. Margrit and her husband, Ian von Lindern, founded TerraGraphics, an environmental engin...
Categories: Alumni, Area studies, WSU history
Tags: Travel, Maps, WSU presidents

WSU Presidents—An evening of honors
Fall 2009
In late June nearly 200 people gathered to recognize Washington State University’s presidents emeriti Glenn Terrell (1967–1985), Sam Smith (1985–2000), and V. Lane Rawlins (2000–2007). The event kicked off a fundraising effort for need-bas...
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

It felt like coming home
Summer 2007

With Lane Rawlins, Washington State University has "become what a lot of people envisioned it could be." Even though he has plenty of ideas of what to do next, it is time to hand over the presidency.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

The presidents
Summer 2007
Depending on how you count, Elson S. Floyd becomes Washington State University's tenth, eighth, maybe twelfth, president. Whereas the tenures of the first two, Lilley and Heston, were tumultuous, brief, and of corresponding effect, other interim pres...
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

World Class. Face to Face. It's not a slogan, it's a plan.
Summer 2007
Only a little more than a year after I arrived at Washington State University, America and the world were shocked by the events now simply known as "9/1l." It is difficult to assess how much our lives were altered by that event and the chain of ac...
Categories: WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

WSU welcomes a new president
Spring 2007

Elson S. Floyd was named the 10th president of Washington State University in December. He and his wife, Carmento, will be moving to Washington from Missouri this spring.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

Terrell honored
Fall 2006
Last spring, amid smiles and tears and tales from years past, nearly 100 Washington State University officials, students, alumni, and faculty gathered in the atrium of the New Library to rename the 1994 building the Terrell Library in honor of pre...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

Can America compete in a 'Flat' World?
Summer 2006
Many of you are familiar with Thomas Friedman's argument, in The World is Flat, that technology has eliminated many barriers to competition and thus created today's globally competitive economic environment. His dramatic examples of outsourcing s...
Categories: Economics, Sociology
Tags: WSU presidents, Economy, Education, Budget

All for one, one for all
Winter 2003
In the president's conference room I have placed a Smithsonian Institution poster showing a group of about a dozen meerkats. For many years I have been fascinated by these small mammals, about the size of prairie dogs, that survive in the harsh co...
Categories: Campus life, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

A compass, not a roadmap
Winter 2002
"Guided by a plan that hundreds of WSU people worked on for more than a year, we have maintained stability in one of the toughest years in our history." —V. Lane Rawlins Recently, I spent a day in Kongsberg, Norway, at a company that is the w...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

From the President: Quality and Reputation
Winter 2001
I COMPLIMENT THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED in creating this new publication—Washington State Magazine. To me, it is an extension of the “World Class, Face to Face” spirit that pervades Washington State University today. I hope that our rea...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents