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Washington potatoes
Fall 2009
Judging by his occasional ribald references to the potato, Shakespeare considered the exotic tuber primarily as an aphrodisiac. Although the time of the potato’s introduction to Europe from the New World is not clear, recent scholarship has dete...
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Tags: Potatoes

What color is your potato?
Winter 2006
Remember when picking a potato was easy? You had your choice: bake or boil?Today there are dozens of decisions. Waxy? dry? fingerling? yellow? red? blue? banana?That world of choice started the early 1980s, when the Yukon Gold emerged from a breed...
Categories: Food
Tags: Potatoes

The benefits of mustard
Fall 2003
Remember your first encounter with classic Chinese mustard? Your seared sinuses? Your cheeks washed with involuntary tears?What you tasted was the indelicate reaction of the mustard plant's chemical compounds, probably enhanced by the wetness of y...
Categories: Biological sciences, Agriculture
Tags: Potatoes, Biochemistry