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A Sweet Buzz: Honey
Winter 2005
Entomologist Steve Sheppard has never gotten over his wonder at how people came to raise swarms of stinging insects for the honey they produce."To see this guy dumping out thousands of bees to collect honey from their hive. . ." He shakes his head...
Categories: Entomology, Food
Tags: Bees, Honey

Building a better bee trap
Spring 2004
Bee-trap manufacturers like to use a chemical substance called pheromones to attract bees into traps and away from people. Problem is, they don't always work.Providing the right amount of pheromones is imperative. Too many pheromones or too much o...
Categories: Biological sciences, Entomology
Tags: Bees

In search of a tougher honey bee
Winter 2001
WASHINGTON STATE apple growers have a problem. The honey bees that pollinate their trees can be a little wimpy when it comes to temperature.Apple growers prefer to have the king, or primary, blooms pollinated, because they produce the...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Bees, Entomology