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The Collectors
Summer 2012

In 1988, hundreds of rare documents from colonial Mexico disappeared from the WSU Library archives. The author and readers go on a hunt through history to explain how they came to Pullman in the first place, and describe the investigation that led to their welcome return.

Categories: Library and museum studies, WSU history
Tags: Collections, Collectors, Archives, Colonial Mexico, Crimes

A burning mystery
Fall 2007
During spring break in April 1970 an arson fire destroyed the wood stands of Washington State University's football stadium. The Cougars were forced to play off campus for two years while the University built a new stadium. To thi...
Categories: WSU history, Athletics
Tags: Football, Crimes

Bear Bones: A Murder Mystery
Summer 2005
It must have been easy to drop the body into this part of Pullman, a section that sees so little traffic. The old county road was research land where hardly anyone but the groundskeepers ventured. But somebody had an ugly secret to hide.
Categories: Campus life, Entomology
Tags: Crimes, Death, Forensics