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Guillermo “Billy” Pimentel ’99—On the biodefense
Summer 2015

Commander Billy Pimentel '99 PhD, a leader in biodefense for the U.S. Navy, brought in the Navy's mobile labs to help test for Ebola in Liberia.

Categories: Alumni, Health sciences
Tags: U.S. Navy, Biodefense, Mycology, Microbiology, Ebola

Vancouver Lake: A Search for Solutions Great and Small
Spring 2010
This is the second time WSU scientists have worked on a plan to clean up Vancouver Lake. The first, in the 1960s, was monumental. This time it's microscopic.
Categories: Engineering, Biological sciences
Tags: Microbiology, Lakes, Vancouver

Creatures from the Dark Lagoons
Winter 2007
Cynthia Haseltine wants everyone to know that the microbes she works with are not bacteria.They look like bacteria; each Sulfolobus is a single cell that has one circular chromosome and lacks a nucleus. But in their genes and the way they read and...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Microbes, Microbiology