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No shrinking violet
Summer 2006
Researchers at WSU are finding that plants are surprisingly assertive. Based on their findings, a case could be made that the average potted plant is at least as active as the average human couch potato—and a lot smarter about what it consumes
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences, Botany, Alumni
Tags: Photosynthesis, Plant behavior, Pest management

Rewriting the Book on Photosynthesis
Winter 2005
Thanks to David Kramer and his research group, plant physiologists can now explore what really goes on inside living leaves.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Electricity, Photosynthesis

Is nothing sacred?
Summer 2002
Never heard of C4 photosynthesis? Now you have. It's rare, it's cool, it could help feed the world. And WSU plant scientists just rewrote the textbook on it.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Photosynthesis