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Hair and history
Winter 2014

Hair is not something still collected by WSU archivists, but pieces of pioneer Narcissa Whitman's hair open a fascinating, if macabre, chapter in the history of the Northwest.

Categories: History
Tags: Whitman Mission, Hair, Narcissa Whitman, Archives

Chinooks and Powwows at your fingertips
Fall 2012

Many issues of WSU's yearbook The Chinook and its former alumni magazine The Powwow are now online, searchable through WSU libraries.

Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Archives, Powwow alumni magazine, Chinook

The Collectors
Summer 2012

In 1988, hundreds of rare documents from colonial Mexico disappeared from the WSU Library archives. The author and readers go on a hunt through history to explain how they came to Pullman in the first place, and describe the investigation that led to their welcome return.

Categories: Library and museum studies, WSU history
Tags: Collections, Collectors, Archives, Colonial Mexico, Crimes

The Academic Library in the Age of Google
Summer 2010
Information naivete suggests a broader blind faith in the offerings of Google–mirroring a general faith in technology that in some ways defines our culture and propels our economy.
Categories: Computer sciences, Library and museum studies
Tags: Library, Archives, Technology, Digital world

WSU's rarest book? Frederick Meserve's Historical Portraits
Winter 2007
One of the great joys of my job at Washington State University is the time I spend in the rare books vault in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections. "Rare books vault" is a romantic way to describe two large, secure, climate-controlled ro...
Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Archives, Historical books

New Deal at the library
Winter 2003
The Works Progress Administration (WPA), established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 as part of his New Deal reforms, was designed to put Americans back to work at a time when the country was suffering massive unemployment from the Grea...
Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: Archives, Newspapers