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Mountains and Rivers and Prairies Without End
Spring 2014

“The whole concept has burgeoned ... to one where the landscape is part of why people select to live in certain locations, has political meaning, has religious meaning, has all of these other kinds of meaning.”

Categories: Anthropology, History, Washington state history
Tags: Landscape, Memory, Native Americans, Ecology

Bringing history and historian together
Winter 2011
Historian Douglas Brinkley recently visited Seattle to interview William D. Ruckelshaus, the founding head of the Environmental Protection Agency and advisor to a variety of Northwest clean water and community groups.Ruckelshaus first mad...
Categories: History, Public affairs
Tags: Ecology, Government, Public service

Leave it to beavers
Spring 2010
As we crunch through the snow in the hills above Winthrop, Steve Bondi ’02 and Ryan Anderson ’08 are eager to see evidence that their project to improve riparian habitat and provide late season water to the Methow Valley is working. They...
Categories: Biological sciences, Environmental studies
Tags: Ecology, Beavers

Stormwater central
Winter 2009
There’s nothing mundane about the new parking lot at the WSU research and extension center in Puyallup. It is a state-of-the-art polluted water collection system. The 70...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Sustainability, Ecology, Water quality, Stormwater

Time will tell
Winter 2007
Climate change is nothing new to our planet. But this time it's different. The carbon dioxide we are putting into the air through industry, vehicle emissions, and deforestation is changing the way our soil works. That in turn affects plant, animal, and eventually human life. Through their research Washington State University scientists are challenging the conventional view that more plants and forests will solve our CO2 problems.
Categories: Biological sciences, Environmental studies
Tags: Ecology, Climate change

Kathleen Flenniken - You have to say what's true
Winter 2007
Kathleen Flenniken (née Dillon) '83 writes about her children and vacuuming, about sex and death, about fame and Edna St. Vincent Millay's husband ("Oh the beauty of his wretchedness."). Her poems are tight and clear and smart and often very funn...
Categories: Poetry, Alumni
Tags: Ecology

Mounting a defense against biological invaders
Spring 2003
Whatever its impact on trade, the World Trade Organization has opened the doors to biological invasion, says Dick Mack. A professor of botany at Washington State University, Mack is a leading authority on invasive species and lead author of Predi...
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Ecology, Invasive weeds