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Seeing and Knowing
Winter 2014

There is still much to see and to know for all of us, as the stories in this issue take new looks at art, maps, and the natural world.

Categories: Fine Arts, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Observation, Artists, Climate change

The Scrambled Natural World of Global Warming, A Travelogue
Winter 2014

More than 20 years ago, entomologist Jesse Logan ’77 predicted that global warming would lead to the rise of the mountain pine beetle and the devastation of forests around the West. He was right. Now a menagerie of creatures, including beetles, salamanders, ticks, and birds, are caught up in climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Biological sciences
Tags: Insects, Forest ecology, Climate change, Entomology

The Ethics of Climate Change
Winter 2012

A political scientist, a geologist, a philosopher, and a sociologist contemplate the ethical implications of an imminent problem: global climate change.

Categories: Environmental studies, Philosophy, Political science, Sociology
Tags: Climate change, Ethics

Orrin Pilkey ’57—A climate change provocateur
Spring 2012
In August 1969, Hurricane Camille slammed into Mississippi with winds of nearly 200 miles an hour. The storm blew many things far and wide, including the career track of coastal geologist Orrin Pilkey ’57. Up to that point, Pilkey had...
Categories: Earth sciences, Alumni
Tags: Climate change, Geology, Ocean, Beach

Too much of a good thing
Fall 2010
Science has been predicting and measuring our warming planet for more than a century now. But it was only in the last two decades that most Americans came to believe the earth’s temperature was indeed rising and that the main culprit is the...
Categories: Biological sciences, Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Nitrogen, Greenhouse gases, Nitrate fertilizer, Climate change

Time will tell
Winter 2007
Climate change is nothing new to our planet. But this time it's different. The carbon dioxide we are putting into the air through industry, vehicle emissions, and deforestation is changing the way our soil works. That in turn affects plant, animal, and eventually human life. Through their research Washington State University scientists are challenging the conventional view that more plants and forests will solve our CO2 problems.
Categories: Biological sciences, Environmental studies
Tags: Ecology, Climate change

The sink's nearly full
Winter 2002
Some climate change researchers have placed high hopes in forest and grassland soils and their ability to act as carbon "sinks." These sinks store excess atmospheric carbon and thus partially offset the effect of increasing amounts of carbon dioxi...
Categories: Environmental studies, Earth sciences
Tags: Climate change, Soil