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Prisoner guardians
Spring 2015

Community corrections officers are the invisible guardians of prisoners who are moving from prison to society through parole or probation. Faith Lutze examines ways to help them be effective.

Categories: Social sciences
Tags: Criminal justice, Community corrections officers, Parole, Prisoners

Eric Marks ’86—Marshalling the deputies
Spring 2015

Former U.S. Chief Deputy Marshal Eric Marks hunted down fugitives, protected judges and witnesses, and guided the Eastern Washington division of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Categories: Alumni, Law
Tags: U.S. Marshals Service, Criminal justice, Fugitives

Kathleen McChesney ’71—Agent of change
Fall 2013

Kathleen McChesney '71 rose up from the King County Sheriff's department investigating Ted Bundy to the third highest position in the FBI.

Categories: Alumni, Social sciences
Tags: Criminal justice, Police, FBI

Training the island police
Summer 2013

Bryan Vila, now a criminal justice professor at WSU Spokane, taught police officers in Micronesia in the late 1970s, learning much about cross-cultural training and himself.

Categories: Military sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Police, Cross-cultural training, Micronesia, Criminal justice

Anna Ballard Wilson ’04—CSI: Cheney
Spring 2012
When Anna Wilson’s cell phone rings, there’s usually a dead body involved.No matter if she’s in the shower or at the movies, she’s out the door in a matter of minutes, headed for the Washington State Patrol forensics lab at the edge o...
Categories: Biological sciences, Alumni
Tags: Forensics, Washington State Patrol, Criminal justice

Curbing aggressive driving
Fall 2009
There’s something about youth and speed and cars.Criminal justice doctoral student Yu-Sheng Lin tapped into it in his study of risky and aggressive driving behaviors. Surveying Washington State University students, who averaged the age of 19, he ...
Categories: Psychology, Social sciences
Tags: Aggressive driving, Criminal justice

Jacqueline van Wormer–Advocacy for juveniles
Summer 2009
One morning this winter, the Benton County Juvenile Justice Center is quiet since most of the residents are in classrooms and only one teen waits in lock-up. A couple of the guards are having an early lunch at a table at the end of the long corrid...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Criminal justice, Juvenile justice

Anatomy of Murder: Robert Keppel '66 Police Science, '67 MA Police Science
Summer 2007
In 1974, during Robert Keppel's second week as a major crimes detective with the King County Sheriff's Office, he was assigned the cases of two women who had gone missing on the same day from Lake Samammish. They turned out to be two of Ted Bundy'...
Categories: Law, Alumni
Tags: Criminal justice, Police

Racial profiling in Washington—policy and perception
Summer 2004
The likelihood of being stopped by the Washington State Patrol on state roads and highways is not affected by a driver's race or ethnicity, according to Washington State University researchers who analyzed two million WSP contacts between May 2000...
Categories: Sociology
Tags: Criminal justice, Race

The kid from Odessa
Summer 2004
As he looked around the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room last June, Lonny Suko had not lost sight of how he got there. At age59, he had gone east to face questions about his ability to replace U.S. District Court judge William Fremmin...
Categories: Law, Alumni
Tags: Judgment, Criminal justice

Pailca oversees accountability within Seattle Police Department
Spring 2003
A case involving Asian-American teenagers detained by a Seattle police officer for jaywalking sounds routine enough, but the July 2001 incident soon unfolded into highly publicized accusations of racial profiling. The issue landed in the lap of at...
Categories: Law, Alumni
Tags: Ethics, Police, Criminal justice