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George R. “Bob” Pettit ’52—A profile in persistence
Spring 2013

George R. “Bob” Pettit ’52, a Regents Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient and prominent cancer researcher and chemist, has faced an uphill climb in his quest for cancer-fighting compounds.

Categories: Chemistry, Alumni
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Cancer, Research

Posts for Summer 2012
Summer 2012
Special bondThose of us who attended Washington State University (or College) have a special bond. This is our experience and memories of our time there.Sometimes those thoughts are made even more poignant by an article such as “Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: Research, Buildings, Martin Stadium

Big Ideas
Summer 2010
We delve into WSU's rich intellectual history, listing some of the great ideas and discoveries that have come out of our institution.
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty, Agriculture, Biological sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Research, Science history, Innovation, Scientists

WSU Big Ideas, Discoveries, Creations, Conceptions, People (a suggestive list)
Summer 2010
The Uniqueness of Pacific Northwest Flora and Fauna C.V. PiperLargely self-taught as a naturalist, Piper believed he needed to classify the flora and fauna of the PNW so other scientists could better understand the uniqueness of area. Published F...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: Innovation, Scientists, Science history, Research

Skagit Valley studies
Spring 2010

Categories: WSU students, Agriculture
Tags: Research

Straight shot to a breakthrough? Don't count on it
Summer 2009
There are two sides to everything, says entomologist William Snyder of his biocontrol research. Along the way to developing a “practical” approach for crop defense, he answered a fundamental evolutionary question: Why are there so many species?
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Research, Innovation

Borrowing nature's designs
Fall 2007
In Michael Knoblauch's lab, the gap between fundamental research and practical applications is a narrow one.Knoblauch studies the inner workings of phloem (FLOAM), the channels that transport water and nutrients throughout a plant. Research doesn'...
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Research

Taking it to the limit
Summer 2006
The Kuzyk limit, that is. And to think it started with just a few doodles.
Categories: Mathematics, Physics
Tags: Light, Research

Opening minds, setting lives on course
Winter 2004
Some believe that the ability to teach and inspire is simply a gift that you either have or don't have. But WSU isn't just leaving it to chance.
Categories: WSU faculty, Education
Tags: Research, Teaching

WSU researchers attract record $184.2 million
Winter 2004
New grant awards break the previous year's record by nearly 16 percent.
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: Research, Money

Scientists and researchers honored by WSU
Spring 2004
Washington State University created the Alumni Achievement Award in 1969 to honor alumni who have provided significant service and contribution to their profession, community, and/or WSU. In recent months, three individuals have been recognized.Ri...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Research, Alumni Achievement Award

Learning through collaborative research
Fall 2003
In the world of research things aren't always what they seem, or are supposed to be. Psychology students at Washington State University learned that last spring while working together, interpreting data, and writing up results. At an undergraduate...
Categories: Education
Tags: Research

Minding her B's & T's
Summer 2003
In the fast paced world of immunological research, it's not your p's and q's you have to mind, but your b's and t's. That's B cells and T cells, two of the main players in the complex orchestra that makes up your immune system. B. Paige Lawrence, ...
Categories: Biological sciences, Health sciences
Tags: Research, Immunology, Cells

Faculty research tops $100 million
Winter 2002
Washington State University researchers conducted research valued at more than $100 million over the last year on projects that include a myriad subjects."We are proud of this achievement," says James N. Petersen, interim vice provost for research...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: Research

Mystery of the Martian mummies
Winter 2002
One of the last places you would expect to find teenage girls in the middle of July is a science classroom. But for Rachel Milhem, Romany Redman, and nine others, the Washington State University Spokane CityLab Young Women's Summer Science Camp la...
Categories: Education
Tags: Science education, Research