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A Fine Thin Skin—wind, water, volcanoes, and ice
Fall 2011
Different as they seem, the soils of Eastern and Western Washington have one thing in common. They come—either by water, wind, or ice—generally from elsewhere. And what takes eons to form can be covered over or erode away in a geologic heartbeat.
Categories: Agriculture, Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Soil, Agronomy

Westward Ho!
Fall 2011
There was a time, not so long ago, in our great Northwest when boundaries were not a great concern. When the first non-Indian settlers reached the Palouse and the Columbia Plateau, they could look to the distant horizon and see nothing bu...
Categories: Agriculture, Earth sciences
Tags: Soil, Farmers

Thomas hits paydirt with composting advice
Spring 2005
Tamara Thomas is not afraid to get down and dirty helping clients solve earthy problems. She owns Terre-Source, a one-woman consulting firm in Mt. Vernon that specializes in composting.Her clients include North Mason Fiber Company in Belfair, area ...
Categories: Agriculture, Alumni
Tags: Compost, Soil

Finally, the failure of the Teton Dam is explained
Fall 2004

It took nearly 30 years--but now we know why.

Categories: Natural sciences, Engineering
Tags: Soil, Water, Civil engineering

Designed to compete
Winter 2002

Categories: Earth sciences, Agriculture
Tags: Soil, Wheat

The sink's nearly full
Winter 2002
Some climate change researchers have placed high hopes in forest and grassland soils and their ability to act as carbon "sinks." These sinks store excess atmospheric carbon and thus partially offset the effect of increasing amounts of carbon dioxi...
Categories: Environmental studies, Earth sciences
Tags: Climate change, Soil