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Mark Paxton ’76—Shaping smiles
Fall 2014

Oral surgeon Mark Paxton ’76 has traveled to Guatemala for 23 years to perform cleft lip and palate surgeries, and leading groups of volunteers from WSU to provide medical services.

Categories: Alumni, Health sciences
Tags: Cleft lip and palate, Oral surgery, Volunteer, Guatemala

Dan ’44 and Val ’46 Ogden—Staying activist in older age
Summer 2013

Val and Dan Ogden don't let their age stand in the way of being community and political activists in the Vancouver area.

Categories: Alumni, Public affairs
Tags: Activists, Politicians, Democratic Party, Volunteer

Awards and Volunteer Recognition
Winter 2012

The 2011-12 recipients of the WSU Alumni Achievement Award include a retired major general, former NASCAR driver, retired NFL player, and a composer/conductor. Volunteers are also recognized for the past year.

Categories: Alumni
Tags: Awards, Alumni Achievement Award, Volunteer

World vets
Fall 2012

Since 2006, a nonprofit started by  Dr. Cathy King ’97 DVM has provided veterinary aid and disaster relief in developing countries. It now opens clinics worldwide to train veterinarians and students.

Categories: Social work, Veterinary medicine
Tags: Volunteer, Animal rescue, Animal health, Nicaragua

A plan for Washington
Summer 2011
In 1972, as Scott Carson was preparing to graduate from Washington State University, a counselor told him he was still six credits shy of his degree. The Vietnam veteran was astonished. “He said I had to complete these physical educat...
Categories: Alumni, Education
Tags: Campaign for Washington State University, Philanthropy, Gifts, Volunteer

True to his school long after graduating
Spring 2011
Robert Williams ’79, a banking executive, is the current president of the WSU Alumni Association. He started volunteering with the University in the 1980s by joining the advisory board for the College of Busi...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Volunteer, Alumni Association

Time Out in the World
Summer 2010
Today's graduates aren't just dropping into the rat race. They're going to Africa, South America, Seattle and Spokane. They're out to see the world and make a difference.
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: Charity, International development, Housing, Volunteer

Florence Wager '54—Vancouver park activist without par
Winter 2009
Florence Wager bought a set of golf clubs when she wrapped up her career in arts and education.“I had this preconceived notion about retirement,” says Wager, 81, who earned a bachelor’s degrees at WSU in speech in 1950 and education in 1954 a...
Categories: Alumni, Social work
Tags: Parks, Trails, Vancouver, Volunteer

Maybe tomorrow: Graduate student follows his heart into uncharted territory
Winter 2005
Just as Washington State University political science student Steve Overfelt was finishing his master's degree coursework and preparing to write his thesis, he decided to put it off. And his advisor, Prof. Martha Cottam, encouraged him to do so.Wa...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Tsunami, Volunteer, Sri Lanka

Honduras: What Patients We Saw!
Winter 2005
During those long, hot, humid, and exhausting days, we saw, experienced, and accomplished things we had never before imagined possible.We were a team, 24 strong, who came together for 10 days in the early spring of 2005 to travel to Honduras. We w...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Nursing, Volunteer, Honduras

Peru: In the middle of the jungle with no Walgreens
Winter 2005
In summer 2004 my husband, Stuart, and I made our first trip to Peru. We traveled with a charitable organization that hoped to build an orphanage and medical clinic there. Having completed my second semester of nursing studies at the Washington St...
Categories: Health sciences, Alumni
Tags: Volunteer, Peru, Nursing

Keith Lincoln, Barn Builder
Spring 2004
Over 25 years at Washington State University, alumni director Keith Lincoln built many things, including friendships and a place where alums can go to sit in the shade.
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Alumni Association, Volunteer, Alumni Achievement Award

Coe earns Gibson Award for volunteer service
Spring 2002
Longtime Seattle veterinarian Stan Coe received the 2001 Weldon B. Gibson Distinguished Volunteer Award last fall at the Washington State University Foundation Recognition Dinner Gala in Pullman.The annual award, established in 1981, recognizes sus...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Volunteer