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Race, Class, and William Julius Wilson’ s World of Opportunity
Fall 2012

Half a century ago, WSU was a national leader in producing black doctors of sociology. Among them, William Julius Wilson ’66 PhD—recipient of 45 honorary degress and the National Medal of Science, and author of landmark works that redefined poverty and race. “Going to WSU,” he says, “was the greatest decision I ever made in my life.”

Categories: Sociology, Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Sociologists, African Americans

The Wire: Urban drama, gritty reality, and Soc 496 “textbook”
Spring 2012
It’s not exactly a typical day in class, even an upper-level sociology class geared towards the grittiest of urban realities.The room is filled with the sound of gunfire. A projection screen shows a quartet of inner-city drug thieves pinned dow...
Categories: Media, Sociology
Tags: Television programs, The Wire, Social justice

Indaba Coffee
Spring 2012
Spokane’s Indaba Coffee is not your typical café. With a Zulu name that loosely means a gathering of tribal leaders to discuss important matters, the spot just north of the Spokane River is a re...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Coffee, Restaurants, Spokane, Social justice

Hunger for justice
Spring 2009
On November 5, an overflow crowd in the CUB Senior Ballroom heard some hard truths about the global food crisis. Dr. Vandana Shiva, founder of several organizations that promote agricultural diversification in India, described how corporate/governme...
Categories: Social work, Agriculture
Tags: Social justice

Dana Patterson: The path ahead
Summer 2007
Yellow Springs, Ohio, is a small college community with a rich history of social justice. It was a stop on the Underground Railroad and, much later, home to Antioch College, where civil rights activist Coretta Scott King went to school.Dana Patter...
Categories: Public affairs, Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Civil rights

Phyllis Campbell: Being about forever
Spring 2007
Someone recently told Phyllis Campbell '73 that she had the perfect resume to run for governor.In her office high above 5th Avenue in Seattle, Campbell tells me this with a mixture of amusement and certitude. Running for political office is the la...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Philanthropy

With Eyes Wide Open
Summer 2003
Margarita Mendoza de Sugiyama is on the lookout for crooks, "really slimy crooks."
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Social justice, Leadership