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Mashing up new landscapes
Summer 2015

WSU's Geographic Information System coordinator Rick Rupp helps students and researchers mash up maps and data to find insights.

Categories: Geography
Tags: Geographic Information System, GIS, Maps

Posts for Spring 2015
Spring 2015

Letters from readers address the mapmaker mystery, a memory of a favorite professor, and praise for an article on brick roads.

Categories: Geography, Alumni
Tags: Roads, Maps, In memoriam

Mapmaker Mystery
Winter 2014

A hunt for the author of a hand-drawn map leads to an exploration of the history of geology at WSU.

Categories: WSU history, Earth sciences
Tags: Maps, Geology

Maps, memory, and imagination
Winter 2012
The aspirations, dreams, and metaphors invested in maps are displayed in two recent books by WSU alumni, as well as several articles in this issue.
Categories: Alumni, Literature, Geography
Tags: Maps, Books

The 1710 Senex map of North America
Winter 2012

A 1710 map of North America by cartographer and engraver John Senex, which resides in the WSU Manuscripts and Archives, shows plenty of blank spots and provides insight into the continent as seen by Europeans of the time.

Categories: Geography, History
Tags: Maps, Cartographers, Eighteenth century

Somewhere in France
Summer 2011
The latest posting on our Coordinates website is from Margrit von Braun ’89 PhD, who writes from Nigeria. Margrit and her husband, Ian von Lindern, founded TerraGraphics, an environmental engin...
Categories: Alumni, Area studies, WSU history
Tags: Travel, Maps, WSU presidents

Come MapWith.Us
Spring 2009
Orest Pilskalns had electronic mapping on his mind long before coming to Washington State University, but it wasn’t until he was teaching a senior-level software engineering class the spring of 2006 that he knew he could realize his vision. The a...
Categories: Computer sciences
Tags: Technology, Maps