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Laboratories for the new century
Spring 2010
First, six months of planning. Then, over the summer, came the actual moving of laboratory equipment, chemicals, papers, and all the rest. Finally, faculty, students, and staff from four separate science buildings are now under one roof in a ...
Categories: Campus life, Biological sciences
Tags: Molecular biology, Buildings

The Shape of Things to Come
Fall 2009

"Life is a process of self-assembly," says biochemist Alex Li. Proteins make up our hair and muscle, our brains and lungs, our enzymes and antibodies, and each one must attain a particular shape in order to do its work. Which they do with no outside help, following specific assembly codes built into their structure.

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Molecular biology, Proteins, Protein folding

Great promise in a nitrogen conundrum
Spring 2009
Mike Kahn and Svetlana Yurgel, molecular biologists in Washington State University’s Institute of Biological Chemistry, have a challenge on their hands that involves one of the most abundant, but also difficult to obtain, substances on earth. Nea...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Nitrogen, Molecular biology